Sleeping Beauty Video Links

Boston Ballet (image credit Rosalie O’Connor)

Below are some videos to help you learn your choreography and in some cases, written notes.  Don’t forget to use the gear symbol on YouTube to change the playback speed if you want to slow it down to see steps more clearly!


Some written advice about the fairy variations can be found:

however don’t use the versions in the videos there, instead use the ones below:

(click name for video)

Fairy of the Crystal Fountain 

-Emersyn & Lauren

Fairy of the Enchanted Forest

-Katie & Emersyn

Fairy of the Woodland Glade  
-Morgan & Katie

Songbird Fairy 

-Tori & Kylie

Fairy of the Briar Rose 


Lilac Fairy

– Lauren & Haven


-Haven & Frankie

Fairy Coda (Corps and soloists)

Flower Garland Waltz 

-Level 3



Jewels Pas De Six (pointe)

– Lauren, Emersyn, Charlotte M., Emma K., Maya, Emma S.

– Emma & Haven