About Fisher Ballet’s Nutcracker

Fisher Ballet Productions Nutcracker

There are many Nutcrackers around the country and in the State of Connecticut, but most Nutcrackers fill their roles with professional ballet dancers and with vocational track ballet students. Typically there is little room for the dancers who have not studied at a rigorous ballet academy. Our Nutcracker aims to be different. The only chance to perform ballet that most students experience is a three minute recital piece at the end of the year. It is our mission to not only produce a high caliber Nutcracker performance, but also to give these kids an opportunity to experience ballet as it was meant to be experienced- on the stage! We want them to experience being part of a large full-length ballet production, learning actual ballet repertory that has been performed all around the world by dancers for decades and, depending on the ballet, sometimes centuries. 

Fisher Ballet Productions has been producing the Nutcracker since 2012.  We hire as few professional dancers as possible and seek to give roles to community dancers. Most of our roles are filled by local dance students as well as local adult dancers. We like the fact that our Nutcracker brings students from different studios together to collaborate. Where they may normally compete against each other in competition, Nutcracker gives them the opportunity to work together and to make friends at other studios. Our Nutcracker helps promote the work that each of these studios does in teaching their students dance. 

It is our mission to promote the art of ballet in the general community and to help dance students understand more about ballet performance and to perhaps kindle an interest in learning more about it, or seeing it performed again in the future. A very few of our students will go on to become professional ballet dancers, but for the rest, we hope to see them in the audience somewhere, perhaps bringing their own children to the Nutcracker and to ballet classes.