“My daughter has taken group classes, private lessons, and participated in two full productions of Nutcracker directed by Liane.  My daughter has had nothing but positive experiences.  Liane’s classes are challenging and well planned.  The Nutcracker productions draw in more performers and audience members each year.  It is a lot of time and commitment for the dancers, but the time spent is well worth it because the quality of the final production is so high.  I definitely would recommend Liane to any parents seeking high quality classical ballet training for their children or to a studio looking to stage a production of Nutcracker.” ~ Laura Hayes

\“Another year has gone by and as always ballet and pointe with you really improved my technique.  You are the best ballet teacher and I’m looking forward to next year.”  
~ Stephanie Wong

“It was a wonderful and lovely Nutcracker 2013 show. Kudos to the kids and your hard work.”
Sujatha Mantri

“Thank you so much for everything this year and for making it so amazing.  I really have learned so much from you.  I’m looking forward to being in your class again next year!”  
Sarah Bloch

“Congratulations on putting on a fantastic show. I learned a lot backstage, and was so impressed with how the kids really knew what they should do. You do not have an easy job..but are very good at it! It was a wonderful performance, and the kids really seemed to enjoy it.  Everyone’s time and effort really paid off.”
Leslie Ann Reid

“Best Ballet Teacher!”  
Chava Siegel

“You are a great ballet teacher!  I loved being your student!  Hope to see you next year!
Zoe Abustan

 “Thank you for everything. The performance was wonderful. We had about 30 people there and they all just loved it.I want you to know that we really appreciate all the hard work you put into this. Anna really enjoyed herself and is looking forward to trying out again next year.”
Liz Murphy

“Thank you for a great year!  The girls learned so much from you!
Heather Dost

“We think that our students have grown as a result of having you as a teacher and truly appreciate your contribution to our school.”
Lindsay and Jeff Sepa
, Farmington Valley Dance & Music

“Thank you for this wonderful ballet program. My kids really love the classes and are learning so much.”
Yael Resnick

“It was wonderful watching Audrey dance in the Nutcracker last night.  All the performers were excellent- and the sets added a special magic to the ballet.  Lot of hard work behind the scenes contributed greatly to the performance.”
Bruce Lewis

“Thank you very much for an incredible year of ballet.  We are all better dancers because of you and we can’t thank you enough.  Our recital dances are gorgeous and we really look like Degas dancers for our pointe dance.”  
Sarah Bloch, Sarah Busch, Steph Wong, Shoshana Czik, & Erika Cornetta

“I had fun learning ballet with you.  Next year I hope you are my ballet teacher.  Thank you for teaching me.” 
Jaime Rubenstein

“Thank you for another amazing year of dance!  The ballet production is absolutely amazing! I’m so excited for next year’s ballet classes!”  
Shoshana Czik

“I really enjoyed the ballet performance!  I like ballet and I do hope I can go next year!  You are the BEST ballet teacher!”  
Shifra Rosenbloom

“Thank you for a wonderful year!”  
Heather Lamplough

“You were so conscientious in your work at Citydance and I was always happy when you were on duty.”  
Dean Vollick- former Principle of City Dance at Boston Ballet

“Thank you for being by my side to guide me during ballet.  I really appreciate it.”  
Rachel Riley

“Liane Fisher has brought ballet to Green Street! We are so impressed with the passion and commitment that she has shown our students, young and old, in her determination to offer ballet through our center. Because we primarily serve an at-risk community, with many families in states of transition, our teaching artists face many challenges. Liane magnificently and professionally faced every adversity – student attrition, classroom behavior, lack of appropriate attire – and kept the students excited and interested. Their end of year performance was truly remarkable. I look forward to continuing to work with Liane, and would recommend her without reservation to hold a position in dance instruction at any arts center.  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”  Sarah-Jane Ripa, Green Street Arts Center, Wesleyan University

“Thanks for another great year!”  
Beth Newton, former Director, A Dancer’s World

“Liane!  You are still a most beautiful dancer and teacher.  I’m so proud to have shared with you wonderful years at PAD/UMass.  Bravo!” Sue Huetteman

 “Thank you SO much for an amazing year.  You’ve helped me improve tons  as a dancer and have really made me enjoy ballet more than I already did.  A lot of why I can dance so well is because of your teaching.  Thanks for being willing to teach me pointe and just for being an awesome teacher & person.”  Sarah Bloch

“You taught and helped us grow immensely as dancers. I still always think of you when I dance ballet.”  
Stephanie Wong

“Thank you for a wonderful experience.  You’re a great teacher.” Kim Clark

“Thank you for all that you have done this year.  You have helped us a lot.”  Halle

“Thank you so much for everything.  You are an amazing teacher and I look forward to this Summer.”  Tess Shaw

“Thank you so much for making my senior year a great one!  I’ve learned so much from you in such a little time.” Nadia Siena

“Thank you so much for teaching me.  I really loved it!  You are a great teacher”  Abigail

“Thank you for an awesome year and for helping me with my capstone project” Kiley

“Thank you for an amazing year of ballet!” Allie

“My kids talked about the Nutcracker for a long time; they still do sometimes.  I find them more focused in their regular ballet classes now as if they had a heightened sense of purpose.”  Ying Xiaohong

“Performing in the Nutcracker was a wonderful experience, and I want to continue to perform. Nutcracker makes me feel motivated to try my hardest in ballet class. Even though it may be hard, I want to continue to better my skills and grow in my training. I hope that by performing, and trying to do each step the best that I can, I will continue to shine.”  Ellie Schaper

“Elena definitely benefited from participating in the Nutcracker. It was an opportunity for her to work hard at dance and to showcase her efforts for her family. This has helped build her self-esteem and most likely helped her along the way to overcome a tendency to be a bit shy. She definitely wants to participate again next year, and the experience has motivated her to take dance seriously as an interest and to be more invested in it. We all thought the shows were wonderful, and it is great to have a classical ballet school nearby.”  Kerstin Gallant

“Laney has always loved dance.  She currently does ballet, tap and jazz but after the Nutcracker I think she is much more interested in Ballet in particular.”  Melissa Parker