Lilac Fairy

tutorial (she does the opposite side so do opposite side to her):

start upstage R. tendu croise derriere arms 1st arabesque arms making one line

intro:  temps lié bending low and coming to croisé devant with twisted back, R arm 5th

16 cts:  step relevé rond de jambe L leg through ecarté  with L arm high, lower to tendu devant, step on it and  rond de jambe right leg to step on it and piqué on L to 1st arabesque, faille through to lunge 4th  arabesque/epaule line, chasse; Repeat 4 times total- finish in the 1st arabesque

16 cts: fondu in arabesque and chasse backwards, pique on R foot (step more sideways than backwards) to  attitude croise derriere, R arm through 1st to soft upturned second -almost a mercury attitude), plie  and pique backwards onto L into 1st arabesque; lower down and turn to face leg and pique turn (1.25)  on R leg ending with L leg in tendu en fondu leaning over it with allongee arms; repeat 3 times, step  soute

8 cts: coupe bourrees traveling right while alternating arms waving from one side to the other, end croise R  front blessing baby; turn to efface 5th

16 cts: 2 sissons (1-2), 1 retire (and a), 1 pirouette (3-4); repeat twice more

2 piqué attitude devants travelling L , 1 assemblé en tournant, releve sous-sus arms upturned V

ending: sisson R, piqué 1st arabesque to Right

Lilac Fairy Mime


Walk on demi pointe stop in 1st position, bow with 1st port de bras; repeat

“I love the baby.  You want to kill her- why?  Stop.  Listen to me speak:  the baby WILL grow and be beautiful and graceful and she will prick her finger…” Carabosse interrupts “and die!” Lilac continues “and die NOT.  Instead she will prick her finger and fall asleep.  And one day, from over here, will come one handsome prince, who will kiss her and wake her up.”  

Carabosse shakes her fists at her.  Lilac tells her to go.  Carabosse runs to her sleigh and commands the mice to go.  they pull her around the stage, all the court comes to the center and watches her leave, pose in 1st arabesque, soften arm on music change