Fairy of the Crystal Fountain


start: upstage L

lunge and bless baby; step to 5th demi pointe;

en diagonale:  attitude efface derriere, arms over to R, step attitude croise derriere arms over to L, 4 pas marche/polka steps opposite arms switching big 3rds, repeat all (end only do 2 pas marches then pique to 1st arabesque;

4 coupe steps tombé traveling upstage diagonal with arms dripping to right as they come up to 3rd switch 3rds twice then wrist circle to V, repeat , turn to croisé downstage R; repeat, but only switch to 3rd once then come to 5th and bourree backwards (upstage) as slowly open arms then:

coupe fondu raccourci but degage L leg front extend L arm forward and brush water off arm with R hand; repeat other side; pique forward on R to atttude derriere, allongee arms R high; lower 5th plie

coupe step back and bourree backwards again arms 5th opening and repeat;  

after bouree back tombe forward onto L leg into diagonal lunge (R arm comes over head through 5th and over to 1st, releve developpe to écarté devant with R leg  (brushing through 1st on the way) and R arm returning to 5th, and tombe into lunge on R (L arm coming over); releve developpe ecarte with L leg and L arm; repeat  (do 7 of these total) end facing stage R in arabesque lunge a deux bras a terre, releve to 1st arabesque