Fairy of the Enchanted Forest

enter upstage L, pose tendu croise devant with arms opposite arms arabesque leaning forward over leg

2-3 steps and leap a la seconde landing on R with L coupe back, piqué onto L bringing R to attitude devant with arms 3rd arabesque, step leap a la seconde again close left leg in front and bouree forward diagonally towards stg R (L arm coming up to 3rd then switches to other 3rd at end

coupe and step onto back leg with L going to attitude devant arms 3rd arabesque, bring leg down and coupe again on right to step on it and jete L leg a la seconde, do bouree thing as before to other side

pique retire with arms low 3rd travelling left, pique to attitude croise devant (big pose arms);

2 lame duck turns to stg R second one opens ecarte and enveloppes to retire

repeat other side

little gallops backward soutenu turn and repeat

from corner:  7 Lame duck turns alternating arms 1st and 5th, end sous-sus and return to same pose as at beginning