Fairy of the Briar Rose

  59:00 (at 59:18 substitute pas de chats end assemble sous-sus; repeat other direction)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJHGDPKNp2A  (for chainees to hops in arabesque part only :41-:51)

Intro:   run in from upstage L, arms 1st, as turn open arms to 2nd face stg L (look L at Queen) and  lunge with R leg pointed back L arm in 5th, come to sous sus R front, arms through 1st  and  open fingers pointed in demi 2nd, hold

1-8:   bouree in place, and piqué on pointe on R with L back in coupe, fingers point low R,  bouree in place and change to same on other side;   bouree in place L to attitude croise  devant (R arm 5th still pointed; repeat other side; Repeat all 

1-8:  tiny pas de chats to L finish assemble sous-sus (L front) arms point to demi 2nd; repeat R

1-8:    travelling on the ecarte line releve sous-sus arms point to R, low, middle low, middle high,   high; repeat

1-8:  bouree in place and attitude L croise devant with R hand 5th, switch to attitude other side;  bouree in place, and

         piqué on pointe on R with L back in coupe, fingers point low R,  bouree in  place and change to same on other

         side; repeat; skip last coupe and step to  tendu R devant to prepare

1-16: chainee to R and sisson ouverte to 1st arabesque, hop in circle, lame duck to transition to  repeat

1-8:   Emboites in attitude with R arm in 5th travelling R in small circle to center

1-16: travelling back on ecarte line towards upstage L:

       3 pique on L and small rond de jambe with R leg; hands pointing L; step to 5th changing  feet pointing fingers

        low 2nd; repeat all other side; repeat first side; plié 5th (L front) R arm  to 5th; step L foot back L arm 5th, step R

        foot back R arm 5th, step L foot out to second  bring R foot to tendu croise devant, arms prep for turns

1-8: soutenu (arms 5th), step tour de basque (arms 1st), soutenu, tour de basque, soutenu,  tour de basque, chainee

       turns, pick up R leg to lame duck to finish 4th lunge croise  downstage R fingers pointed low 2nd