Join us this March for Cinderella!

Fisher Ballet Productions is excited to be partnering with Misty Copeland, Open World Dance Foundation, and American Ballet Theatre to present Cinderella at the Palace in Waterbury CT on March 15th & 16th! Misty Copeland will be backstage with the dancers and will be presenting a discussion onstage prior to each show. Ballet stars from American Ballet Theatre will be performing with us!

Who can participate in performances:

Children as young as 3 years old, WITH OR WITHOUT dance experience, have the chance to be introduced to the performing arts world and experience the magical story of Cinderella alongside world-renowned stars.

If you are a pre-professional or professional dancer, we offer the chance to star in SOLOIST AND PRINCIPAL ROLES and the opportunity to reach the next level in your dance career. Gain impressive performing experience for your resume, meet new connections and mentors, and access tools to help you find new work opportunities worldwide!

If you are an adult who simply loves to dance or an experienced ballroom dancer looking for a unique production, we open Cinderella’s stunning “Ballroom Scene” to you full of delightful waltzes and swirling dresses!

REHEARSALS: Rehearals will start at the end of January (around January 28) and will continue for the month of February and part of March. I believe you likely won’t need to be at rehearsal for more than 1-2 hours, since you likely will not have multiple roles. Rehearsals for Cinderella will be with me in Bristol and at Brass City Ballet in Middlebury CT. If you are unable to travel to rehearsals in Middlebury, I can arrange for your rehearsal to be with me, but please let me know so I can coordinate with the artistic team. Please also let me know about any scheduled conflicts in advance so that I can work around them since we have only a very short time to rehearse.


Auditions are on January 6/7 (NYC) and January 13/14 and January 20/21 at Brass City Ballet in Middlebury CT.

Auditions for Pointe soloists/prinicpals is by video. Video is due January 1st. Call backs will be January 6/7 (NYC) and January 13/14 or January 20/21 in CT

To register for Cinderella Auditions please take the following steps:

  1. email me at [email protected] and let me know that you are registering so that I can add you to my list
  2. Fill out a form. Please be sure to list Fisher Ballet Productions Nutcracker under experience on the form:

    CHILDREN (ages 3-18)
    ADULTS (non-pointe)

    Video Audition Guidelines for SOLOIST AND PRINCIPAL ROLES EN POINTE
    Those who submit a video audition can expect to hear the results of their audition within two weeks. * Applicants who pass the first round of video auditions successfully will be invited for in-person auditions in January 2024.
    * Please create a 10-15 minute video including the following:
    -The applicant stating his/her name, age, and reason for pursuing ballet training;
    – Short combinations at the barre, on one side only, of the following:
    battement tendu
    battement jetés
    rond de jambe par terre
    grand battements
    Center work: adagio, pirouette combination, petite and grand allegro
    – Complete the online application form
    – Submit your audition materials along with the audition fee payment