Fairy of the Woodland Glade


start upstage L

32 cts:  3 steps en demi pointe, one attitude devant en fondu, repeat eight times total

32 cts:  spring points traveling backwards upstage diagonally with arms:  arm in 5th opens through  2nd, bras bas, 1st, 2nd then back down bras bas, 1st, end in 5th, turn croise sous sus (R front),  bouree sur place; come down and temps lie into tendu croise devant

32 cts: step up onto L and bring R into attitude devant, opposition arms low 3rd gaze over L hand; 2  hops, passe through to 2nd arabesque (head to audience); step down into B+ croise look to  downstage R corner); repeat attitude hops to 2nd arabesque;  four times total- on the 4th one,  instead of 2nd arabesque bring arms to a high V

32 cts:  parallel bourees arms 3rd arabesque in 4 zig zags ending upstage L sou-sus croise L front  (arms 2nd)

32 cts:  repeat hops/2nd arabesque to other side but end 3rd set in high V; then 5 emboites in sous- sus, last one goes out but comes through 5th flat to releve croise attitude R devant arms  through 1st to 2nd, come down step to B+