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Fisher Ballet Productions provides ballet teaching and ballet staging to studios in the New England area.    My philosophy is that whether a student wishes to dance only recreationally or wishes to become professional, they should receive the same high quality training.  I believe that all students should be given the tools so that if they have the talent and the desire to become professional, they can!    The program I teach is designed with a careful progression of technique and intensity.  My focus is classical ballet which is the foundation for professional or collegiate dance.  The ballet syllabus I use is carefully constructed to build upon prior knowledge with levels being determined by ability and technical mastery rather than age.   I am also available to stage smaller ballet prodcutions for recitals and to guest teach or to teach ballet workshops.  Over the years, I have seen my students grow from preschoolers to talented, intelligent young adults. Many of my former students have remained in touch and some have gone on to become dance professionals themselves.   It has been a pleasure and a privilege to pass on the art of dance to these students and I look forward to continuing to do so for many years.
~ Liane Fisher

              Member of Dance Educators of America since 1998!
dea membership

         Because ALL students deserve professional quality training!