Rehearsal Schedule

The performances are scheduled for  December 18th (two shows) and Dec 19th (two shows) at Cheney Hall in Manchester CT.   Dress Rehearsal will be the evening of Dec 17th.

Please email me the day before at [email protected] or message me on Band if you will be absent for any reason or if you have any questions.  
Children should bring water and a  healthy snack to rehearsal on days when they will be at rehearsal for a while. It would also be prudent to bring somthing quiet to do during waits between rehearsal times (homework, a book, coloring etc.  If bringing electronic games, please bring headphones or set to mute.)

Please note below:

“Party Scene” includes the following roles:  Party Ladies, Party Men, Party Girls, Party Boys, Maid, Drosselmeyer, Clara, Grandmother, Mr & Mrs Silberhaus, Fritz, Soldier Doll, and Kissing Doll

“Battle Scene” includes the following roles:  Soldiers, Mice, Mouse King, Nutcracker, Cavalry, Cat, Clara

“Flowers” is assumed to include Dew Drop 

“Snow” is assumed to include Snow Queen


Friday December 17MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal at Cheney Hall.

Please note that dress rehearsal is a closed rehearsal. No one is allowed in the theater to watch. Only cast and assigned volunteers will be allowed backstage.
3:00-4:00Company Dancers (all pointe dancers) arrive; do NOT get into costume! Go to the stage for Company Class. (stage door manager should arrive by 3)
4:00all other dancers arrive and get into costume
5:00-7:00Act 1 Dress Rehearsal- both casts
7:00-9:15Act 2 Dress Rehearsal- both casts (we will skip dances that have the same cast in both shows in an effort to keep this as short as possible)
9:15-10volunteers reset costumes and props for Saturday show
Saturday December 18Performances at Cheney Hall 12pm and 5pm
10:00Company Dancers arrive at 10 for Company Class
11:00All Other Dancers arrive
12:00-2:00Performance #1
2:00-4:00Dinner Break
4:00All Dancers arrive
5:00-7:00Performance #2
7:00-8:00Clean-up and reset for Sunday
Sunday December 19Performances at Cheney Hall 12pm and 5pm
10:00Company Dancers arrive at 10 for Company Class
11:00All Other Dancers arrive
12-2Performance #3
2-4Dinner Break
4:00All Dancers Arrive
5-7Performance #4
7-8:30Strike: help clean up and pack up costumes/props/sets and load out of theater to truck