Rehearsal Schedule

The performances for Nutcracker 2023 are scheduled for  December 9th and Dec 10th at Cheney Hall in Manchester CT.   Dress Rehearsal will be the evening of Dec 8th. And a run-through/Blocking Rehearsal will be on December 3rd.
Children should bring water and a  healthy snack to rehearsal on days when they will be at rehearsal for a while. It would also be prudent to bring somthing quiet to do during waits between rehearsal times (homework, a book, coloring etc.  If bringing electronic games, please bring headphones or set to mute.)

Please try not to miss rehearsals as it makes it difficult for everyone to learn their dances when people are missing. Please email me the day before at [email protected] or message me on Band if you will be absent for any reason or if you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: Please join our band app to receive important Nutcracker updates.


Rehearsals are subject to change. Please double check closer to the date to make sure of the times for your roles!

Sundays at The Dance Experience
785 Terryville Ave.
Bristol, CT 06010

Please check the schedule to see when your rehearsal is!

Oct 112:30-1:15Party Girls/Clara’s Friends and TeaMichelle
1:15-1:45Mrs. Silberhaus, Clara, Fritz, Maid, Grandma, DrosselmeyerLiane
1:45-2:15Clara & DrosselmeyerLiane
2:45-3:15Kissing/Soldier Doll & ArabianLiane
3:15-5Snow & Flowers Liane
Oct 812:30-1Party Girls/Clara’s Friends & Tea
Tea Costume Fitting
12:30-1Clara Rehearsal & Costume FittingLiane
1-2ALL Party Adults, Maid, Clara, Fritz, Drosselmeyer, Grandma
Rehearsal & Costume Fitting
1:30-2Cherubs/Angels Rehearsal
Cherub Costume Fitting
2-2:45Battle: Mice, Soldiers, Cat, Nutcracker, Clara, FritzMichelle
2-2:30Drosselmeyer and Little Dolls (NOT Kissing/Soldier Dolls)Liane
2:30-3Clara and Drosselmeyer and Mice and NutcrackerLiane
2:45-3:30Spanish with SoloistsMichelle
3-3:30Arabian & Kissing Doll Rehearsal
Arabian Costume Fitting
3:30-5Snow and Flowers and Dew Drop Rehearsal
Flowers Costume Fitting
5-5:30Marzipan and Soldier DollLiane
Oct 1512:00-12:30  Polichinelles & Tea Rehearsal
Polichinelles Costume Fitting
12:30-1:15Battle (Mice, Soldiers, Cat, Mouse King, Nut, Clara, Fritz)Michelle
1:15-1:50Under the Tree: Mice, Clara, Drosselmeyer, Nut)Liane
1:30-1:50Angels & CherubsMichelle
1:50-2:30Drosselmeyer & Mini Dolls Rehearsal
Mini Doll Costume Fitting
2:30-3:45Party Scene ALL (Clara, Fritz, Maid, Drosselmeyer, Grandma, Mom, Children (no petites), Adults, Kissing/Soldier Dolls) Rehearsal
Party children, Kissing/Soldier Doll costume fitting
Liane & Michelle
3:45-5Snow & Flowers & Dew DropLiane
5-5:30Marzipan & ArabianLiane
Oct 2212:30-1Cherubs & AngelsMichelle
1-1:45Under the Tree & Battle.Liane & Michelle
1:45-2:15Polis  & Tea Michelle
2:15-2:45Spanish Michelle
2:15-3:30Dross & Mini Dolls, & ALL Party SceneLiane
3:30-4Kingdom of the Sweets: Arabian, Marzipan Lead, Dew Drop, Spanish Soloist, Tea Soloist, ClaraLiane
4-4:30Flowers & Dew DropLiane
5-5:30Marzipan & SheepLiane
Oct 2912:15-12:45Angels & CherubsMichelle
12:45-1:30Under the Tree and BattleMichelle
1:30-2Polis and TeaMichelle
2-2:30Kingdom of the SweetsLiane
2:30-3:30Dross & Mini Dolls, Dolls, and ALL Party with petitesLiane
3:30-4Marzipan & SheepLiane
4-5:30Snow, Flowers, Arabian and Dew DropLiane
Nov 512:30-1Angels & CherubsMichelle
1-1:40Under the Tree & BattleMichelle
1:40-2Polis & Tea
2-2:30Kingdom of the Sweets with Act 2 Reindeer & invited CherubLiane
2:30-3:30ALL Party including Dolls, mini dolls, petitesLiane
3:30-4Marzipan and SheepLiane
4-4:30Finale (Spanish, Tea soloist, Flowers, Dew Drop, Marzipan, Arabian) ClaraLiane
4:30-5:30Snow, Flowers, Dew DropLiane
Nov 1212:30-1Angels & CherubsMichelle
1-1:40Under the Tree & BattleMichelle
1:40-2Polis and TeaMichelle
2-2:30Kingdom of the Sweets with Act 2 Reindeer and invited CherubLiane
2:30-3Finale with Act 2 ReindeerLiane
3-4Party: ALLLiane
4-4:30Marzipan and Snow with Sheep and Act 1 ReindeerLiane
5-5:30Flowers & Dew DropLiane
Nov 1912:30-1:30Party Scene: ALL Liane
1:30-2:15Under the Tree and BattleMichelle
2:15-2:45Cherubs & AngelsMichelle
2:45-3:15Polis & TeaMichelle
3:15-3:45Kingdom of the Sweets with Act 2 Reindeer and invited CherubLiane
3:45-4Marzipan & SheepLiane
4-4:30Finale with Act 2 ReindeerLiane
4:30-5 Snow with Act 1 ReindeerLiane
4:30-5:30Flowers and Dew DropLiane
Nov 26No Rehearsals. Thanksgiving Weekend.
Dec 39:30-5MANDATORY RUN-THROUGH/DRESS REHEARSAL at Cheney Hall and cast photos with Donner
Friday December 8

at Cheney Hall
Please note that dress rehearsal is a closed rehearsal. No one is allowed in the theater to watch. Only cast and assigned volunteers will be allowed backstage.
Saturday December 9Performance at Cheney Hall 12PM
and 5PM
10:00Company Dancers arrive at 10 for Company Class
11:00All Other Dancers arrive
12:00-2:00Performance #1
2:00-3:30Clean-up and reset for next show; quick dinner break
3:30-4All Dancers Arrive
4:30-6:30Performance #2
Sunday December 10Performances at Cheney Hall 12pm and 4pm
10:00Company Dancers arrive at 10 for Company Class
11:00All Other Dancers arrive
12-2Performance #3
2-3:30Dinner Break
3:30-4All Dancers Arrive
4:30-6:30Performance #4
6:30-8Strike: help clean up and pack up costumes/props/sets and load out of theater to truck