Primary Division

In the primary Division, all students wear a pink leotard with pink footed ballet tights and pink ballet slippers. (no drawstrings!)  Pink ballet skirt or leotard with attached skirt optional.  Ballet wrap sweater suggested for winter months. Hair should be in a bun for all classes.

Creative Movement, ages 3-4 30 minutes per week
Creative Movement classes work on fine motor and large motor skills, rhythm, hopping, skipping and begin to learn a few basic ballet steps.  We dress up in princess costumes or tutus and use props to aid our dancing.  

Pre-Ballet, ages 5-6 45 minutes per week
Pre-Ballet classes begin to learn more fundamental exercises to develop their readiness for ballet.   They start to work on developing the feet, stomach and back muscles and they work on marches, skips, chassés, and small dances.