Children’s Division

Ballet 1A, ages 7-11                                  

Level 1A is the introduction to fundamental ballet technique.  Students will begin to work at the barre.  Proper stance, turnout and proper use of the feet are emphasized at this level.   All exercises will initially start with two hands on the barre.  Students will work in parallel, 1st, and 2nd position during the first half of the year.  As the class progresses, they will learn to work at the barre with only one hand and will add 5th position.   Steps learned include:  demo-pliés, tendus, dégagés, retiré, rond de jambe, fondu preparation, developpé, grand battement, relevé, spotting turn on two feet, sautés, pas de chat, polka, triplet, classical walk, chassé, skips,  petits jetés, adagio, first and third port de bras.   Leotard color lavender

Ballet 1B, ages 8-11                                    

Level 1B is the continuation of level 1A.  Students will add grand plié in 1st, 2nd and 5th and will learn 4th position.  They will be introduced to frappé, sur le cou de pied, fondu, petits battement, ballet body positions: croisé and effacé, arabesques a terre, chainée turns, polonaise, waltz turn, mazurka, introduction to pirouettes, sissones, assemblé, jeté, glissade, balancé. Leotard color lavender

Ballet 2A, ages 9-10                                    

Students in level 2 continue to study the body positions and add écarté.  They also continue to learn additional arabesques and 2nd port de bras.  Introduction to beats is learned as students begin entrechat quatre.  More work in petit allegro and pirouettes is added. 
Leotard color light blue.

Ballet 2B, ages 10-11                                    

Ballet 2B is the bridge to the upper division.  Students begin to work more on demi pointe with changes of feet and direction.  Épaulment is introduced, and grand jeté is introduced.  Students at this level are doing grand plié in 4th with port de bras, and are learning double frappé.  Students work on strengthening their feet in preparation for pre-pointe and pointe in level 3.   Leotard color light blue. 

In the Children’s Division, all students wear pink footed or convertible ballet tights and pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather).  See Level for leotard/optional skirt color .  Ballet wrap sweater, legwarmers suggested for winter months. Sweats are not acceptable.  Hair should be in a bun for all classes.