Adult Classes

Whether you used to dance or are just starting out we offer a class for you!  

liane at barre wesleyan2Adult Beginner Ballet:

We start from the absolute beginning teaching you placement and stance, basic positions and the introductory movements of ballet.  We slowly build on each class, until you have all the tools for any basic elementary ballet class.  Ballet is for everyone of any age or body type, and is great exercise and fun!  If you've always been curious to try ballet, give it a try!  Drop-in and pay for a single class to try and if you'd like to sign up buy a class card and use them as you go, no worry if you have to miss a class occasionally, you only use up one of your classes when you are at class:)  Wear pink ballet slippers and comfortable clothes- leotards are welcome but not necessary.  Please no baggy clothing however.

Adult Intermediate Ballet:

If you are an adult dancer with intermediate or above ballet training, join us for a fun drop-in class on Sunday mornings from 10-11:30.    

Ballroom & Latin:istock 000008309987xsmall

Have fun learning Ballroom and Latin dance styles!  Great for weddings or just for fun!

Adult Jazz

Jazz dancing is a common form of dance used in musical theater and commercial and entertainment industries, with its roots in social dance and African-American dance.  The performance style of jazz dance was popularized to a large extent by Bob Fosse's work, which is exemplified by Broadway shows such as Chicago and Cabaret. Modern jazz dance continues to be an important element of musical theatre, and it can often be seen in music videos and competitive dance.

Students will start with a basic jazz warm up and progressions and then will learn choreography.

Students should wear comfortable clothes and jazz shoes.  


Adult Tap

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. The sound is made by shoes with a metal tap on the heel and toe.  Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm (Jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses more on the dance, and is widely performed as a part of musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses more on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the Jazz tradition. In this class students will spend the first half of the class being introduced to basic jazz movements, isolations, warm up and choreography and afterwards they will learn basic tap rhythms and steps.

Wear comfortable clothes and tap shoes.