walk on from upstage R to B+, temps lie back to croisé R front and port de bras R arm and Left arm

step on R on “and” releve developpe L ecarte, bouree with arms in 4th arabesque; repeat other side

pique arabesque fouette bringing front arm to ear as turn; 2 emboites; repeat other side; repeat developpe section

pique attitude derriere efface, croise, efface with opposing arms for the first two and a V for the final one

travelling to downstage L corner.  Pas de bouree to 5th croisé.

2 echappes, hop attitude, passe, developpe to back, pas debouree; repeat 2x, 2 passes,  tombe, 

bouree, chaînée R, tombe,  bouree L saute arabesques run to upstage L corner;

pique turns alternating leading arm en diagonale, pique arabesque arms V, end on knee with hand at ear.