Jewels Pas de Six - Pointe



Walk in from stage L with port de bras (arms low 1st arabesque to high.  Prep come to B+ arms 3rd.

2 pique retires to R, sisson; repeat L

4 passes with arms coming to V and head looking to hand on side of retiré

Repeat all.

Relevé arabesque R, embôité with circling wrists; repeat L

Repeat all.

2 hops in sous-sus, tendu croisé devant, coupé back, assemblé to back; repeat other side.

Repeat all.

Paddle in B+ pique arabesque R; repeat L, repeat R;

tendu ecarte devant

embôités in 5th to downstage R corner, close 5th, releve attitude devant, lower to B+