Flower Garland Waltz

0-1:45 only



1 Mikayla

2 Brianna

3 Kendall

4 Lilly

5 Rena

6 Abby

7 Haley

8 McKenzie

9 Maya

10 Emma

11 Charlotte T

12 Sophia


Odd lead Ayva

Even lead Charlotte M


10  12   11         9
6 8 7 5
2 4 3 1
  C A





Odds start offstage upstage R; evens on opposite side


1-4 1 sauté arabesque in and run to spot; temps lié to tendu croisé devant (L front) and swish hoop low and to L;  

5-8 2 sauté in and do same (opposite); 

1-4 then 3; then 4

5-8 5 then 6

1-4 7 then 8

5-8 9 and 10; then 11 and 12 (or reverse that?)


transfer weight to B+

1-8 balancé towards center then away, bringing hoops towards balancé side; then soutenu towards center with hoops over head; repeat other direction

1-8 repeat all

1-8 piqué arabesque towards wings and pas de chat, degage back foot to side and close front and step sideways with back foot (one nearest center) and bring foot nearest wings to tendu croisé derriere (hoops stay high), soutenu to croisé devant and step to sous-sus, bouree in place

1-8 repeat other direction

1-4 lower in lunge keeping back and hoop in line with leg; lower more; lower more; return to 

sous-sus bouree in place, change to all R front

5-8 fondu raccourci twice and pas de bouree,  sous-sus

1-8 repeat other side

1-16 repeat all; go to new formation


 10   9
6 12   11    5
 8  7
2 4   3   1
C       A











inner circle facing in; outer circle facing out; go to knee (odds inner on R knee; odds outer on L knee; evens opposite)


1-4 inner bends forward; outer bends back

5-8 inner bends back; outer bends forward

1-8 repeat

1-16 repeat; stand up and go back to original places on last four counts


1-8 repeat balancé  soutenu section (once per side)

1-8 repeat pique arabesque pas de chat section (once per side)

in canon:   step to croisé devant swinging hoops to side as at beginning starting with downstage L; all together step up to sous-sus

assemblé sous-sus run:  odds in counter clockwise circle; evens clockwise- matching with partner as come downstage in the middle and then going to spots for final pose:

in pairs slightly facing partner in 1st arabesque a terre with hoops leaning towards each other- back row has them over head; inner row maybe has them low?  or are on knee if over head

C and A are on one knee with other leg in arabesque facing each other, hoops making heart