Songbird Fairy


 start upstage R, B+ croise

8 cts:  run on demi pointe (leg degages to 2nd and ronds to step front) to downstage L corner with hands  fluttering low demi 2nd coming higher in 4 cts head looks same side as leg, by mouth cts 5-6, tombe  on L, step up on R and low demi rond with L

8 cts: repeat other side

16 cts: travelling backwards en diagonale towards upstage L corner:  bouree small attitude croise devant,  bourree small attitude croise  derriere (4 times total) arms fluttering side to side with body incline R, L,  R, L, then same in coup√©, hands fluttering at mouth with body incline side to side R, L, R, L

8 cts: little bourees in 5th changing which foot is in front coming to downstage L, with hands low demi 2nd  fluttering getting higher for 6 counts then run forward and couru upon arrival with hands pushing out  song from mouth and opening to second

8 cts: step across and tombe on R (left foot in coupe) bending low over foot, then bouree backwards  towards stage R with arms coming up through 5th through 2nd to tail feathers at back; rond de jambe  L leg to come forward, turning to face stage R and pique into 1st arabesque on R leg; lower to B+