Nutty News

Nov 19:

Hi Everyone,


The show is nearly here and we are getting ready to put together our program booklets.  We are having a contest for the most ads sold.   The cast member who sells the most ads (determined by total dollar amount) will win a prize!   Typically we have had ads from local pediatricians, dentists, jewelers, restaurants, etc.  We also run ads from family and friends wanting to send congratulatory notes.  For businesses, their logos will also be on our Nutcracker website for a year.   Ad forms are attached if you want to print them and will also be available for pick up at the studio, but if you don’t have one, all you need to do is send the info via email to me (wording, imagery, size of ad and billing email address and we will send an invoice to the person who wants the ad.


Mansfield Multimedia is again filming our productions this year.  He is driving all the way from Massachusetts to help us out and requests that we pre-order our DVDs so that he can plan ahead.   DVD forms are available to pick up in the studio.  Or you can go   


The Posters are ready and they look amazing!   Please pick some up in the studio today and post them at your studio and in businesses in your area (be sure to ask permission!). 


When seeing your families over Thanksgiving, please be sure to invite them to the show!   If you haven’t see our new Nutcracker website yet, please be sure to check it out!! 

Almost there!   No Rehearsal Thanksgiving Weekend, so after today the next rehearsal is Dec 3!



Nov 6:  Tickets & Photos

nutcrackerphotoform2017Hi Everyone,

Well we got through all our rehearsals and photography yesterday!  Special thanks to Marci Aldi and Bruce Morin!  Newspaper photos and articles will start rolling out this week in the Patch, and later on in some local printed papers.  With that said, I want to make sure that all the cast members friends and families who want tickets are able to get their tickets, so if you have people who want tickets please order them early before they open up to the general public.  In the past, we have had sold out shows.


Also, it seems that some people were unaware of the photoshoot yesterday and others were unable to be here.  Bruce will be able to return next weekend for those who missed it.  But we will need an advance reservation so we know what costumes to bring for you.  Please email me and let me know if you want to do photos next week and what costumes you will want.   Also, the photo form is attached, so please print it out and bring it with you for Bruce.


Nov 2: November 5th Rehearsal

Hi Everyone,

A reminder that the schedule is a little crazier than usual this week due to photoshoots.  I have also had to tweak the times a little to accommodate various schedule issues with rehearsal.  So PLEASE check and double check your times BOTH for the shoots and the rehearsal.  The ENTIRE CAST has a photoshoot for the newspapers at 3:00.  In addition, some people may have to be at the studio earlier if they have rehearsal.  After the Newspaper Photoshoot, which is in regular dance clothes, there will be the opportunity to have photos taken in your costumes.   Schedules are online.  But if the photographer is running ahead of schedule or has a gap, it is entirely possible that he can take you sooner, so the schedule is flexible.  What is online is just a guideline.   


DEWDROPS, SNOW QUEEN/KING, NUTCRACKER and CLARAS have a costumed photoshoot for the newspapers/flyers etc.  at 1:30.  Please arrive with make-up/hair done! (TEA SOLOIST and SPANISH SOLOIST OPTIONAL)


Also, I have added to the website a section for posting all these announcements that I send out so if you need to recheck something it may be easier to find on the website than searching through your emails:)


See you all on Sunday!


Nov 1: Party Girls, Party Ladies & Claras hair for Show/Photoshoot this weekend

Hi Party Ladies and Party Girls!

For the show you will need 19th C appropriate hairstyles.  For Nutcracker, we usually do banana curls.  Here is a Youtube tutorial of how to do them.  You can use a spray bottle of water or just wash hair and style while damp.  I usually like to do this the night before and take the curls out at the show.  If your hair will not do this, let me know and we can figure out other options!  Ladies can do the half bun and banana curls option or can opt to do some other kind of 19th C up-do.  A bun with braids looped around the ears (Jane Austen style) works well.  You can google ideas.  
For this weekend’s photoshoot, Clara will need to have her hair done in banana curls.  Other party girls/ladies who are planning to do a photoshoot in their party costume can choose to use this opportunity to practice the hair, or you can just pull half your hair back in a ponytail  or bun (as at the start of the video, leaving half the hair down, and put a bow or ribbon to match your dress on top.  Here is a list of the dresses in case you have forgotten what color your dress is:
Julianna:  Light Blue 
Natalie:  Burgundy
Olivia G: pink and silver
Ava: Silver and black
Camryn: Silver and black
Nicole: Lavender
Sophia: Red and black
Cora: Gold and cream
Avery: Green
Julia: ?
Olivia T:  Pink
Abby: Turquoise
Veronica: Green
Kathleen:  Green
Marcia: Purple and black
Nicole: Hot Pink
Pam: Red

Nov 1: Last call for T-Shirts! $20 Each!

Send me an email if you want me to order something!  I’m putting this together now but will not submit it until tomorrow.  Colors/sizes are on the website:)

Oct 26: Tickets Now Available!!

Hi everyone, 
Excited to let you know that tickets are now on sale!!!  To find out which show dancers are performing certain roles, please check the cast list.  "Mat" means matinee - 1pm show.  "Eve" is the 6pm show.  If it says nothing then the dancer is performing that role in both shows.  To order tickets please go here:  
Also don't forget! Nutcracker T-shirt orders are due this week at rehearsal!
See you Sunday!
Oct 17: Nutcracker T-shirts!
Hi Nutcracker dancers,
I’m putting in an order for Nutcracker t-shirts on November 1st.  If you would like one, please place your order by rehearsal on October 29th, so I can include you in the order!  Shirts are by Anvil.  You can also see them on the website here.
Oct 14: Rehearsals, Photo Shoots, and Men
Hi Everyone!
We are moving along in our rehearsals and we have only SIX rehearsals left before our in studio run-through! Wow!  I have put the remaining rehearsal schedules up online.  They ARE subject to change so do double check before coming!   As we inch closer to the performance date, please make every effort not to miss rehearsals as we will be gradually bringing everything together now and time is of the essence!  
We have a very important Photo Shoot day coming up on November 5th.  During that time we will take photos by town for the newspapers- please wear leotard, ballet tights, ballet slippers and a bun that day!  We will also be once again offering Costume Portraits by Bruce Peter Photography for your own personal keepsakes.  Times for different roles are on the schedule, but it can be fluid, so if you are finished for the day with rehearsals and you have done most of your photos, but one of them is later on the schedule, you can absolutely do it earlier!   I will be running rehearsal during the photo shoot so I will need a few parent volunteers to help with costumes and posing (ballet knowledge is helpful for the posing).   Please let me know if you can help manage the chaos that day!     If your child is taking photos in their party scene costume, that would be a good time to practice your banana curls!  I will be talking about this closer to the time:)   Photo Form is Attached.  Please Print and Bring on November 5th to give to the Photographer!
Also, one more volunteer need!  I am in desperate need of THREE ABLE BODIED MEN for a NON-DANCING ROLE.  All they need to do is wear a suit on stage in the party scene and escort their lady partner on stage.  Please let me know if you can coerce … ahem… convince anyone you know to help:) 
One last thing- I will be posting photos and other information on Facebook from time to time, so if you haven’t already found me there, please "like” my page:  Fisher Ballet Productions.
See you tomorrow:)

Sept 23: Rehearsals in Newington tomorrow!

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that tomorrow, due to a parade which will close streets in Bristol, rehearsals are taking place in Newington at 2434 Berlin Turnpike.  Entrance is in the back of the building.   Rehearsal times are posted online.  This week they are:
1:00-2:00 Snow and Marzipan (Snow Queen should come, but no Snow King)
2:00-2:30 Polichinelles
2:30-3:30 Party Scene: Clara, Party Girls, Party Parents, Drosselmeyer, Maids, Soldier Doll (Fritz and party boys optional)
3:30-4:00 Battle Scene: Mice, Soldiers, Drosselmeyer, Clara (Cavalry/understudy cavalry optional)
4:00-4:30 Angels & Cherubs
4:30-5:30 Flowers.  (Flowers- we are doing costume fittings to determine where you stand in the dance, so even if you can only stop by for a few minutes, please try to make it!)  Thanks!!
It’s going to be a hot one tomorrow, but the studio has very good AC!  See you tomorrow!