Upper Division


Teen Beginner 1, ages 12-18                            60 minute class, twice per week        

Teens who are new to ballet are introduced to the work in levels 1A and 1B with other dancers of their own age.  Depending on the level of the class, some work from level 2 might be introduced also.  The aim of this class is to prepare dancers to enter level 2 or 3.magenta front level3

Ballet 3A, ages 12-18                                       90 minute class, twice - three times per week recommended       

Beginner Intermediate level ballet.  This class prepares students for pointe work.  The first half of the year students return to the barre at the end of class to do foot
strengthening exercises.   Some students may get their pointe shoes in the Spring, others may get them at the beginning of Ballet 3B.  Each student will be individually assessed and told when they are ready for pointe.  

Ballet 3B, ages 13-18                                      90 minute class, twice - three times per week recommended        

Intermediate level ballet.  This class includes beginner pointe exercises at the barre and in center for the last half hour of the class.


abt mary levels 4 camisole leotardLevel 4A & 4B,  ages 14-18                             90 minute class, 3 -4 times per week recommended     

Intermediate- Advanced Ballet.   Class includes intermediate level pointe work.

Level 5A & 5B, ages 15-18                             90 minute class, 3-5 times per week recommended       

 Advanced Ballet with pointe variations.