img-fencing3The sport of sword fighting has existed since the time of ancient Egypt – but modern fencing is most closely related to forms of dueling that evolved in the 16th century and is associated with the development of the basic ballet positions. It was one of the nine original sports contested at the modern Olympics and is still an Olympic sport today.  The Fencing program is designed to teach students the proper basics and skills of fencing and offers classes for beginner through advanced level students. Fencing increases strength, flexibility, power, endurance, speed, agility, hand/eye coordination and quickness. It is also a great cardio-pulmonary work-out. Classes are for children ages 8 through adult.

Classes are taught by Evgeny Lepetukhin through the Fencing Program of New England Sports Academy.

evgeny fencingEvgeny was the national fencing champion of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a member of the Young Team and of the Joint Team in Modern Pentathlon, a silver medalist in the Student Games of the USSR, and was on reserve for the USSR Olympic Team.  He is the former Fencing trainer for the Children’s and Adolescent School of the Olympic Reserve and served as Trainer and Consultant at the School of Olympic Reserve for the Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation. He has also taught anatomy and physiology at the Academy of Physical Culture and Sport.

Please call (781) 493 - 6345 (ext. 103) for more information on fencing classes.